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Two similarlynamed pastels autumnal landscape with a church 18931895, russian museum. Isaac ilyich levitan 18601900 was a classical russian landscape painter who advanced the genre of the mood landscape. Even though isaacs father, ilya abramovich, was an educated man with a degree from yeshiva. Nor has he been lacking in attention from organizers of exhibitions.

The canvas at the whirlpool was painted by isaac levitan in 1892. One of the best landscape artists among the progressive group of 19th century russian artists known as the itinerants wanderers, isaac levitan s main contribution to russian art. After his memorial exhibition in 1901, there were several solo shows in 1938 and in 19601961, which usually travelled to several cities across the soviet union, with moscow, leningrad and kiev among the most common destinations. Isaac levitan was born in a shtetl of kibarty, augustow governorate in congress poland, a part of the russian empire presentday lithuania into a poor but educated jewish family. Living as russian jews in the 1800s was anything but easy for the levitan family. A master of pastel art levitan started using pastel sticks very early on. Leviton has always been famous for his ability to truthfully and vividly.

The work of isaac ilyich levitan belongs to the highest achievements of russian culture. During the year after his death an exhibit of several hundred levitan paintings was shown in moscow and then in st. Born into the family of a railroad employee ilya abramovich levitan in kibarty today kibartai village in lithuania. Levitan was born in 1860 into a poor but educated jewish family.

Isaac levitans hugely influential art heritage consists of more than a thousand paintings, among them watercolors, pastels, graphics, and illustrations. Find more prominent pieces of landscape at best visual art database. Its significance is compared with the works of such classics as anton chekhov, pyotr tchaikovsky and konstantin stanislavsky. Early 1870s the levitan family, including children isaac, adolf, teresa and emma. To date, the picture is in the tretyakov gallery, where anyone can see it. Description of the painting by isaac levitan autumn landscape with a churchleviton has always. Description of the painting by isaac levitan at the pooldescription. This picture is the property of the state tretyakov gallery. Famous examples of his landscape painting include works like secluded monastery 1890, tretyakov gallery, moscow, and vladimirka the road to vladimir 1892, tretyakov. Description of the painting by isaac levitan autumn landscape with.

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