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Request pdf on jan 17, 2009, duly torrescepeda and others published dengue y embarazo find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Medicina y cirugia iv ano ginecologia y obstetricia iv parcial. Complicacion fiebre hemorragica dengue forma mas severa del virus del dengue. Restrepo bn, isaza dm, salazar cl, ramirez jl, upegui ge, et al. If confirmed, it would be important to monitor pregnancies during which dengue is diagnosed and to consider pregnant women in dengue control policies.

Download fulltext pdf download fulltext pdf pregnancy dengue. Perinatal dengue infection in a hospital in the central province of. Evidence suggests that symptomatic dengue during pregnancy might be associated with fetal adverse outcomes. Interim guidelines for pregnant women during a zika virus outbreak united states, 2016 weekly january 22, 2016 652. Design and setting we conducted a populationbased cohort. Debe ser atendida cuidadosamente y hospitalizadas desde su. Dengue during pregnancy and adverse fetal outcomes. Dengue, a mosquitoborne viral disease, is endemic in more than 100 countries mainly in south america and southeast asia and is spreading to new areas, with outbreaks of increasing magnitude and severity. Dengue y embarazo, dengue clasico y embarazo, dengue hemorragico y embarazo.

Objectives dengue is the most common viral mosquitoborne disease, and women of reproductive age who live in or travel to endemic areas are at risk. Abstract dengue is known as an endemic disease of tropical and subtropical regions. Dengue is a mosquitoborne disease with major public health importance due to its growing incidence and geographical spread. Embarazo y dengue, alguna le ha pasado embarazadas. The objective of this study is to examine the effect of maternal dengue severity on live birth outcomes. Little is known about the effects of dengue during pregnancy on birth outcomes. Nidhi singlaa,sunita arorab,poonam goelb,jagdish chandera,anju huriab. Algunas personas infectadas tendran sintomas leves fiebre, sarpullido, dolor en. Situacion actual y perspectivas dengue, chikungunya, zika y. There is a lack of knowledge on its contribution to maternal death.

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