Oslevel command for linux

And the uname a command shows the kernel version and other things. Type any one of the following command to find os name and version in linux. For security reasons, it is better to delete the version and os name in this file. If you apply a new tl or sp and find that the oslevel s command shows a level lower than expected, the command oslevel rl will indicate the downlevel filesets.

I need a command that would give me the os level and os type for linux. To use the aix or linux command line when you are using a 7037a50 or 7047185 system, continue with step 5. Saplicense is a command used to install the sap license from the operating system environment. At the prompt, type the number of the runlevel you wish to boot 1 to 5 and press enter.

I am currently writing a script to run installs for all our unix boxes unfortunately we have several versions of unix on our systems. This file shows in the telnet command when you want to connect to the server. To use the linux command line, continue with step 3. Hi all, would like to know what files or file sets are referred when the oslevel s command is executed, and the mechanism that it uses to give us the output regarding the ml and the sp. The procedure to find os name and version on linux. Using the aix or linux command line to view the existing. Linux includes a large number of commands, but weve chosen 37 of the most important ones to present here. Learn these commands, and youll be much more at home at the linux command prompt. In the graphical grub boot loader screen before the os goes to automatic boot press enter. Use down arrow to move to the kernel line and press e to edit it. So if youve upgraded to 530006 and the oslevel s command shows 53000502, the command oslevel rl 530006 will list all the downlevel filesets. A command s position in the list is not representative of its usefulness or simplicity. Additional information about the system hardware and configuration is available from the prtconf command.

Displaying the operating system version and maintenance level. At an aix command prompt, enter the following command. Use the oslevel command to display the aix version, release, technology level tl, service pack sp and build date. On the newer sap releases, the command is replaced by saplikey command. How to check os version in linux command line nixcraft.

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